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Action plan now in place at St Clare's Hospice to address concerns raised by CQC

Posted on: 28/09/2018   

Category: Hospice

St Clare’s Hospice has submitted its immediate action plan ahead of schedule to the Clinical Quality Commission (CQC).

On Friday 21st September, Avril Robinson, Chief Executive, made the very difficult decision to voluntarily suspend registered services following an inspection from the CQC Hospital Inspectorate Team, which raised concerns around clinical leadership and governance.

The entire Hospice team has been pulling together since the temporary suspension was announced and a newly-created role of Director of Clinical Services has been established in order to achieve the levels of quality leadership and management that are now required to help the entire Hospice team move forward.

A leading light in hospice care in the North East - Mr Paul Jones-King, who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise - has already been recruited into the new post and his experience as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) working in a number of senior clinical positions within the NHS and the Hospice Movement will provide the necessary skills to ensure that St Clare’s Hospice achieves its ultimate vision of being the lead provider of specialist care and support in South Tyneside.

Paul tells us:

“It’s an exciting time to be joining St Clare’s Hospice. I look forward to leading the amazing clinical team; taking them forward to ensure that we continue to deliver hospice care and support to the community of South Tyneside, enabling us to ensure good care, a good death and good memories for our patients and their families."

“The continued professional support from colleagues within the Hospices North East Collaborative is much appreciated and demonstrates the strength of the Hospice Movement within the North East.”

Avril Robinson adds:

“We are thrilled to have Paul join us at this very important stage of St Clare’s transformation. Paul will bring the clinical leadership and management that are needed in order to help us achieve the vision for the Hospice – to serve the community of South Tyneside with the specialist care and support that they truly deserve. All our nursing, medical and support staff are incredibly skilled and highly-committed people, and I am excited that Paul will work alongside the team to help develop a much stronger foundation stone of quality assurance.”

As an early indication, the anticipated timeframe for resuming core services at St Clare’s Hospice is a minimum of eight weeks; progress will be reviewed on a fortnightly basis and an update will be provided in mid-October by the Hospice Management Team.

During the temporary suspension, any patients requiring specialist hospice care and support in South Tyneside should continue to be referred to St Clare’s Hospice in the usual manner, with the Hospice’s medical team co-ordinating appropriate care with neighbouring Hospices and the South Tyneside District Hospital. All calls to the South Tyneside 24/7 palliative care advice line (0191 529 7108) will be automatically forwarded to the St Benedict’s Hospice clinical team during this time.

Our Bereavement Counselling and Befriending services will continue to support people in the local community.

We’d like to offer our thanks to the South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (STCCG) for their support and expertise, as well as other local partners who are supporting us during this time. We’d also like to thank our patients and their families, our staff and volunteers and the community of South Tyneside for their continued support. We have been particularly overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we’ve received from members of our local community, many of whom have shared with us their personal experiences of St Clare’s Hospice and the care, compassion and love shown to their loved ones by our entire team.

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