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Complementary Therapies


Massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki are a few of the therapies we offer to help ease muscular problems and to alleviate stress and anxieties aiding relaxation.

Complementary Therapies:

What is Complementary Therapy?

Complementary Therapies are given as an aid to relaxation, to relieve stresses and anxieties. Complementary therapy is given in addition to prescribed medical treatment NOT as an alternative. All complementary therapies are provided by fully qualified therapists. St. Clare’s works in partnership with Coping with Cancer North East as well as having our own volunteer therapist.

Who is the care for?

The care is mainly for Day Care and Hospice In-Patients but the therapists regularly deliver relaxing therapies to our carers during carer support sessions.
All patients have a consultation before receiving any therapies to ensure they receive treatment that is safe and of greatest benefit for them.

What will the treatment involve?

Some of the treatments that are delivered to our patients include:

  • Body Massage - a treatment which can be used to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation and bring comfort from touch.
  • Reflexology - a specialised foot massage where pressure is applied to certain areas of the sole of the foot. This helps to correct imbalances throughout the body and also alleviates anxiety and stress.
  • Indian Head Massage - a special form of massage for the head, neck, shoulder and face which can relieve accumulated tension.
  • Reiki - touch therapy that aims to balance the body's energy. This is a holistic therapy which treats the whole person’s body, mind and spirit and so aids relaxation and promotes well-being
Who can make a referral?

It is mainly Day Care or In-Patients who access this service.

Contact / representative:

Jacki Richardson, Day Care Sister
0191 529 7100