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Only Health Care Professionals can make a referral to this service.

Our Physiotherapy service is available over 4 days per week and provides treatment to In-Patients and Day Care but also has an out-patient service and outreach to community patients. Physiotherapy plays an important role in patient pain and symptom management

Physiotherapy Service

What is Physiotherapy?

A range of treatments, physical activities and exercises may be offered to help patients maximize potential in movement, functional ability and independence, and gain relief from distressing symptoms.

Physiotherapy can provide people with a sense of control over their own lives, helping them manage changes or loss.

What can we offer?
  • Patient and carer advice/education 
  • Individual treatment plans and specialist advice
  • Assessment of mobility and provision of aids & adaptations
  • Electrotherapy & soft tissue mobilisation to reduce pain and promote health and well-being
  • Stretching and strength programmes to increase muscle strength and joint mobility
  • Balance and falls management
  • Individual and/or group exercise programmes
  • Circuit classes group
  • Fatigue Management Group
  • Breathlessness advice and management
  • Relaxation and Anxiety support
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Acupuncture for pain relief, sweats breathlessness fatigue & anxiety
  • Tai Chi Classes and walking groups
Who is the care for?

The physiotherapy service at St Clare’s Hospice offers a range of services to those in-patients, out-patients and day care guests, who have a life limiting illness.

Physiotherapy is given in either individual or group session as appropriate to need. Sessions will take place at the hospice either as an inpatient, day care guest or outpatient clinic. Occasionally outreach treatment takes place at home.
Our physiotherapist aims to improve or maintain a patient’s quality of life regardless of diagnosis or prognosis.

How can I access the service/ make a referral?

Patients already known to the Hospice as either an in-patient or day care guest are referred to the service by St Clare’s nursing staff. Patients who are not known to the hospice, but are able to attend on an out-patient basis, can be referred by any health or social care professional involved in their care.

Contact / representative:

Michelle Ball, Physiotherapy Specialist

0191 529 7100

[email protected] 

The service operates 4 days a week:
Monday – Wednesday 9.00-4.00, Thursday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm