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Spiritual Care


All religious beliefs are respected and recognised by our Hospice Chaplain and the chaplaincy team, and all efforts will be made to meet your spiritual needs whatever your faith.

Spiritual Care:

What is Spiritual Care?

Contrary to most people’s conception Spiritual Care is not all about Religion, although if you have a faith, whatever it is, it comes under this category.

Health care professionals profess a commitment to holistic care, in which the whole person is ministered to; this applies not only to WHAT YOU ARE, but also WHO YOU ARE.

Your Spirituality is all about, WHO YOU ARE - your feelings - emotions - hopes - fears and much more including your faith, if any, whatever it is.

The Hospice Chaplain is here to assist the rest of the Hospice team with your Spiritual Care.

Who is the care for?

This care is available for anyone who comes under the umbrella of St. Clare’s, whether In-Patients, their family and friends - Day Care Patients - Staff or Volunteers.

What will the treatment involve?

In-Patients are visited most days by the Chaplain to come along side, have a chat and show that we care. If you have any concerns with how you feel emotionally then the Chaplain is there to listen and support you in whatever your need is at any given time. It is good to be able to talk and share your feelings and concerns with someone who is not emotionally involved with you. This support follows through to your family members and friends also.

If you have a faith and require a pastor, then the Chaplain can either arrange a visit from one of your Faith Ministers or Leaders or you can talk openly about your faith issues with the Chaplain.

As a Day patient you will find that the Chaplain visits the Day Care Unit most days along with other members of the Chaplaincy Team who are there to share any Spiritual Care concerns you may have. We also conduct non-denominational services in our Hospice Chapel on week days at 11:30. You would be made most welcome if you wanted to join with the patients and volunteers for the service.

Contact / representative:

Hospice Chaplaincy Team 
Contact via Hospice reception 0191 529 7100